A PELA must be evaluated for its content validity and reliability, a task that should only be conducted with the assistance of those with considerable expertise in language testing and assessment.

Evaluation can also obtain information about:

  • Administration procedures.
  • The usability of the PELA for students and staff.
  • The perceptions of staff or students as to its value.
  • The extent to which the instrument reaches the target population.
  • The intended and unintended consequences of the introduction of a PELA.
  • Actions associated with the results obtained from the PELA.

In addition to validation processes (which require the involvement of an expert in language testing if the process is to have integrity), evaluation can take the form of:

  • Student and staff surveys.
  • Focus groups and interviews with students and staff.
  • Correlational studies with other language measures or academic results.
  • Measurement of uptake of the PELA or consequential language development opportunities.
  • Informal discussions among stakeholders.